Dalí’s jewels on silk scarves

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Dalí, from París paintings to Figueres jewels on silk scarves. Dalí’s jewels on silk scarves.

Dalí's jewel on silk scarves presentation by Daba Disseny Barcelona

During winter 2013 in Paris, at a huge retrospective of Dalí’s work in the Pompidou Center, I was able to re-discover him in all it’s dimension. I’ve got inspired to create a drawing that later on I converted it into a silk scarf: «el Boc de París».

This past summer I went to the Dalí Theater – Museum in Figueres, there I was able to see it with other eyes. The shapes of the museum convey pain and joy through charming and fun details. Like the jewels Dalí designed

Dalí's jewels on silk scarves - Pomegranate Heart - Daba Disseny Barcelona

What a discovery! I was excited to the point I dedicated enough time to create a collection of silk scarves related and inspired by these set of jewels so wonderfully suggestive.

Today, you can find all our silk scarves collection inspired by the jewels designed by Dalí at the Dalí Theatre – Museum in Figueres store, official supplier – sold exclusively at the Foundation store.

Dalí's jewels on silk scarves - Pomegranate Heart - Daba Disseny Barcelona

One of my favorite, «Pomegranate Heart», takes me to my childhood, in the orchard of my parents’ house, where they had a pomegranate. Grabbing them mature, broke open by birds or the sun’s heat, with breaches that revealed the reddish granulated fruit.

Dalí with this design knows how to convey, translate and connect an underlying message in the collective unconscious.

Dalí's jewels on silk scarves - Transparent cubes - Daba Disseny Barcelona

I couldn’t stand the temptation to paint, or rather, get carried away by the seduction of the jewelry and express the feelings that caused me. I wanted to convey the Dalí’s jewels on silk scarves so creatively.

Using different techniques: first, directly, with the pen on the paper and applying color with watercolors. Continuing with photography, along with a digital finishing process on the computer and finally stamping it on silks.

Dalí's jewels silk scarves design process - Daba Disseny Barcelona

A pomegranate to the heart – Silk foulard “Pomegranate Heart”

The pomegranate heart suggests and attracts towards its intense red ruby grains.  On the metal base of the membrane that protects them, converted into wrinkled silver of a rough skin, of a metallic gold containing them.

Dalí's jewels on silk scarves - Pomegranate Heart silk scarf - Daba Disseny Barcelona

I imagined a scarf with a print in which the metal and gold colors dominate. On which a glimpse of red grains were seen… And sometimes, forming black holes that contrasted the red. The result is a golden scarf of strong contrasts with red and black spots. A strong metallic presence.

“Honeycomb Heart” with a tear included

Dalí's jewels on silk scarves "Honeycomb Heart" scarf - Daba Disseny Barcelona

Another heart that beats strongly, the Honeycomb Heart. If in the Pomegranate Heart the red blood color arises within the rubies. In this one, the red envelops the heart from the outside and from within comes a hexagonal lattice, where the diamonds come on different sizes and colors.

Dalí's jewels on silk scarves - Detail of the design on watercolors - Daba Disseny Barcelona

A black background design. As the interior of the honeycomb, where red hearts float freeing their diamonds that fell in the interior.

Dalí's jewels on silk square on a model - Daba Disseny Barcelona

The result is this elegant silk scarf with a print dominated by the red and black, splashed with diamonds playing with the hexagonal lattice of the golden honeycomb.

Dalí’s jewel “The Eye of Time” watching us carefully, on silk.

Dalí's jewels on silk scarves "The Eye of Time" scarf - Daba Disseny Barcelona

What ability to seduce has Dalí! In his artistic background watches and eyes are always present. In The Eye of Time, the metaphor is categorical. The pupil of the eye is a clock running, you look and you can see the time on it. Is it not in the sight that the linear time of our lives escape? The pupil is bordered by diamonds flanges and a bright red tear. Soft watches, soft eyes.

Dalí's jewel silk scarves - Watercolor design for The Eye of Time - Daba Disseny Barcelona

The color for the silk scarf The Eye of Time is blue. Throughout its color range, from the open sky tone till the eye color with hints of ruby and diamond eyelids. A soft, elegant, airy and fresh design.

If you want to know more about the Dalí’s jewels on silk scarves, contact with us.

Or if your interest is wider and feel like getting to know how we design our silk scarves prints, ties…

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