Gaudí’s Casa Batllo inspired scarves official collection

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Silk scarf inspired by the skylight of Gaudí's Casa Batlló by Daba Disseny BarcelonaWe introduce you to the Casa Batllo inspired scarves collection!

We’ve been always in love with Gaudí’s works, specially of this masterpiece. When you enter this building, is hard to stop the inspiration rushing in and filling every single pore of your body and soul…

Gaudí's Casa Batlló main facade in Barcelona - Casa Batllo inspired scarvesWe had to wait a reasonable time before starting the process. It was very risky to introduce ourselves suddenly in front of the Casa Batllo direction board without having prepared our arguments. Ciro did really well. In a week, we presented the company and all work based on our experience in other heritage and unique buildings around the country. Such as the Sagrada Familia -from Gaudí-, embodied in our exclusive silk scarves fashion line “Art & Museum”.

Gaudi Casa Batllo inspired scarves "Batllo Scales" Lace - Daba Disseny BarcelonaA month later, we had a collection of eight silk scarves inspired by Gaudi’s most aquatic approach to architecture. Of these eight, four are original and unique designs and the other four remaining are different size and color combinations.

Visiting Casa Batlló is to dive into an underwater world.

The patio of the main staircase is an immersion in the most transparent and pure blue waters of a Costa Brava’s cove in pre-touristic times.

Light waterfall - Casa Batllo inspired scarvesHence, from my point of view and my feelings that inspired its realization, one of the most sensual scarf designs came to life. Inspired by the transparency of the blue and white tiles and the ocher, gold and earthy reflections of the environment surrounding the patio. Touched by the “falling” light like a waterfall from the skylight above.

Gaudi Casa Batllo inspired scarves "Barefoot Gaudi" Lace - Daba Disseny BarcelonaWhen we finished and having it among our hands, my partner Roser, who participated intensely in the edition, said: “I already have the name! «Camina descalça» (Barefoot walking)!”. I, immediately felt it too. The urge to step softly as immersed in a pool, walking slightly on the density of water on this silk scarf, was intense. Yes, I have never, not even in my time as a student of architecture had felt and enjoyed Gaudí’s creative sensuality so intensely.

Motives nested solid wood frame door - Casa Batllo inspired scarves

“Ocean Eyes” silk scarf – The eyes are always present in Gaudí’s work

A differential sign compared to other Gaudí’s creations – Casa Batlló is in itself a differential sign. Are the stained glasses of the wooden doors. Is from this artistic masterpiece, that the inspiration for a second design came from. Lilies, fishes, shells and other marine species are represented countless. Nested in the solid hardwood doors forming a whole. Hence the “Ocean eyes” in blue and red. The eyes are always present in Gaudí’s work… When you look at his architecture, it looks back straight to you…

Gaudi's Casa Batlló inspired scarves Art "Blue ocean eyes" - Daba Disseny Barcelona

Don’t you think?

"Ocean eyes" inspired silk scarf Gaudi's Casa Batllo Barcelona - Daba Disseny

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