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Daba Disseny Barcelona creates exclusive and unique corporate gifts.

Corporate Gifts - Detail of our transparent cubes with silk squares scarves Daba Disseny Barcelona

Fashion accessories; pure silk scarves, squares and neckties. Quality, design and customized creations are our identity sign. Ideal for a different and original corporate gifts.

Daba Disseny Barcelona silk scarf in a gift box - Corporate Gifts

Custom made creations or even the option to choose from an already existing products in our catalog and stamping the company logo or slogan, to create exclusive pieces according to current trends and harmony with the corporation philosophy and goals.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Handcrafted silk scarves and squares high quality crafted in Barcelona  Exclusive corporate gifts - Print detail over Italian silk from our crafted silk scarves high quality Barcelona Corporate gifts - Hand crafted silk squares scarves high end quality produced in Barcelona

A unique gift, from the textile material quality – silk, cotton, etc. – going through the artwork design phase and finishing with the skilled craftsmanship production process.The highest level of quality and excellence that meets the objectives of a special gift that satisfies customers, partners or employees.

Custom made silk scarf for Maricel Museum - Sitges. Corporate gifts  Silk scarf loop "Maricel" - Corporate Gifts

The possibilities for a gift like this are wide, but always aiming to the results to be achieved, which is to generate a sensation of quality and appreciation on the person who receives it. From the classic Christmas company gift, with a touch of distinction and originality, to a most detailed care institutional gift or even a gifts for events and conventions with the possibility of customize it according to a city or occasion.


Top quality silk scarf finished by hand - Daba Disseny Barcelona - Corporate Gifts  Corporate Gifts - Silk scarf high quality Italian silk - Daba Disseny Barcelona   Corporate Gifts - Silk scarf detail best italian silk for an exclusive gift

Among the companies that have trusted us to that level:

EAHP Europe: annual convention of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacy was held in Barcelona in 2014, they trusted us for supplying all corporate gifts on this event.

AEPJP: Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardens with whom we collaborate in designing the silk scarf commemorating the 40th anniversary of the association.

In addition, custom designs for museums and exhibitions such as for Vinseum (Wine Museum), Palau Maricel (Sitges), Palau Güell, Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló (Barcelona).

If you want to carry out a line of design for your company or just obtain original corporate gifts, please contact us.

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