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At DABA Disseny Barcelona we create exclusive pure silk fashion accessories result of the magical combination of the artistic creativity result of the magical combination of artistic creativity and craftsmanship.

Daba Disseny Barcelona fashion accessories convey the elegance of silk, the watercolors sensuality and the energy of their designs. With just a single beautiful designed silk cloth, you can change your looks completely, take a look on how we produce them and how do they look…

Head silk scarf model Daba Disseny Barcelona - Fashion accessories Model silk square scarf neck Daba Disseny Barcelona - Fashion accessories Blondie headwrap silk scarf fashion accessories - Daba Disseny Barcelona

Blue eyes smile model silk scarf turquoise Daba Disseny Barcelona - Fashion accessories Beard Male model silk scarf Daba Disseny Barcelona fashion accessories Hand model silk square scarf wrist Daba Disseny Barcelona - Fashion accessories

 Silk scarf head Daba Disseny Barcelona - Fashion accessories Fashion accessories silk scarves women headwrap Daba Disseny Barcelona

We are a design firm experts in fashion accessories: silk scarves and squares as well as neckties, with a variety of patterns, specially designed to provide exclusivity, elegance and excitement to any outfit, both for women and men.

Unique design prints, born out of passion for watercolors and the chromatic kaleidoscope of its textures, make this color landscape possible. Our creations are born from the tranquility of the present moment, unwilling to create a pre established object. Allowing the flow going through the brush in hand. Sometimes spontaneous and fast, as the artist’s gesture, others with the calm of the craftsman. But once the watercolors are created, and digitally treated to enhance their qualities, we have a magnificent designs to stamp on our best Italian silk.

Elegant unique design silk scarf Daba Disseny Barcelona - Fashion accessories  Complementos de moda fular de seda estampado elegante tonos rosados Daba Disseny Barcelona  Fashion accesories silk - Pure Italian silk scarf green Daba Disseny Barcelona

All of our products are handmade creations. We devote special care on choosing the best silk, as well as on designing a unique pattern through digital printing and specially on the final quality tests with the hand stitching edges process included, to offer a unique exclusive piece that you can feel on your skin while knowing that  all eyes are on you…

Orginal print silk scarf Miró blue red yellow Daba Disseny Barcelona - Fashion accessories  Elegant fashion accessories silk scarves Barcelona   Modernist Art nouveau fashion accessories - Print silk scarf modernist Daba Disseny Barcelona

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. Being able to design everything that inspires us and work on it step by step through all production process from the initial idea until the final product makes it possible to produce a high end products in all quality terms. We made them with love and heart, we believe in our products and we are convinced of the positive impact they make on those who wear them, with an exclusive and elegant touch of color and personality.

Fashion accessory detail silk scarf turquoise Daba Disseny Barcelona  Detail handcrafted fashion accessories silk foulard Daba Disseny Barcelona  Fashion accessories detail silk square scarf turquoise red pink Daba Disseny Barcelona

You can find our creations in our Online Store or at a variety of stores in Barcelona and other cities near by.

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