Daba Disseny Barcelona we are Art on Silk.

We are experts in creating fascinating designs and exclusive beautiful prints, giving life to a unique silk scarves and squares, born out of passion for painting with watercolor and the art of playing on the skin with printed silks. We create masterpieces. From the inspiration to the last detail of the finished scarves, we put all our care and attention in every single step, and above all, we enjoy doing so.

Hand finished sewn edges silk scarves from Daba Disseny Barcelona we are art on silk Detail of the silk brightness glowing scarves of Daba Disseny Barcelona we are art on silk Detail of the printed silk from Daba Disseny Barcelona we are art on silk

Our beginnings are a bit curious. I started by simply letting my creativity flow while painting in watercolors, and I felt so attracted to one of them, I wanted it out of the paper! So I photographed with precision, composed in the computer and digital printed on silk... The result was wonderful, so much intensity on that print tissue!

Silk scarf creativity craftmanship Daba Disseny Barcelona

Since then, 2011, I have devoted myself completely to the creation of silk scarves. Looking for the best Italian silk, doing the pre and post processes as vaporization and digital printing locally and working with master seamstresses with more than 25 years of experience. Had given me the opportunity to create several collections.

Artist and designer, Pau Batlle, with Dani. Both, creators of Daba Disseny Barcelona we are Art in Silk

We are a team that works completely committed to the artistic creation on textile, specially in different kinds of silk. We create designs for museum and art centers as well as fashion collections. Our two creation lines are the following:

The first, and foremost, is dedicated to create exclusive art crafts items for sale in museums and cultural spaces, offering a different, unique and attractive products. With a very distinct added value compared to any other souvenir. We have created several collections specially designed for the following places: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Palau Güell - all of them by Gaudí - also for Palau Maricel Museum in Sitges or another collection based on the jewelry designed by Dalí in the Gal·la Dalí Foundation in Figueres.

Creació fulards de seda Daba Disseny Barcelona

Collections inspired by the spaces or the artists themselves that are being sold in each store of every center. Other collections like the one based on the Hospital de Sant Pau, a masterpiece of modernism by the architect Domènech Muntaner is being sold in our online store.

Silk scarf craftmanship Daba Disseny Barcelona we are Art on Silk

The second line is the "slow fashion" collections. We create fashion accessories that, when you wear them, you can feel them.  Feel and enjoy the design, the colorful prints, the energy in them through all the craftsmen and enthusiasts who have put their commitment and love in the production of the scarves.

Silk is an organic fabric, the touch of it on your skin has nothing to do with the artificial fabrics - warm in winter, cool in summer and forget the sweat and rashes. In addition, we take care of every detail consciously. Our silk scarves are hand finished rolled sewn, one by one, here in Barcelona, and that, makes a huge difference.

All production is carried out in the vicinity of Barcelona, from design through digital printing, the treatment of the silk and the hand finishing, cutting and sewing. We want to keep it that way, we invite you to participate. We assure you will feel more attractive and elegant.

We create artworks that convey emotions & sensations when you wear them, those are not just a simple "fashion accessories". We are Art on Silk.

Pau Batlle painting a design for a silk scarf Daba Disseny Barcelona som art en seda

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Daba Disseny Barcelona we are Art on Silk.