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We open our inspirations, designs and creations to the world! All that we do at Daba Disseny Barcelona – fashion accessories for women and men – silk scarves, ties and handcrafted apparel explained with all details.

Dalí and Port Lligat are the inspiration for our new Dalí Port Lligat silk scarf collection

A quiet sea: the vibrant imagination coming from the blue and golden colors of the Mediterranean sea has inspired the designs of the Dalí Port Lligat silk scarf collection. It was a challenge to design a scarf that did not reproduce a painting or a representative image of the famous artist of Port Lligat. I simply wanted to reproduce no Dalinian work…. Read more »

Casual & stylish design silk scarf – “Boc de París”

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Dali casual silk scarf “Boc de Paris” – Our most successful stylish design Casual & stylish silk scarf. This foulard print is an example of a casual design, with a clear urban influence and a strong style character. The multifunctionality of this composition gives so many options when wearing it. Suitable to provide elegance thanks to its brightness and soft touch typical… Read more »

Dalí’s jewels on silk scarves

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Dalí, from París paintings to Figueres jewels on silk scarves. Dalí’s jewels on silk scarves. During winter 2013 in Paris, at a huge retrospective of Dalí’s work in the Pompidou Center, I was able to re-discover him in all it’s dimension. I’ve got inspired to create a drawing that later on I converted it into a silk scarf: «el Boc de París»…. Read more »

“Heaven & Earth” silk scarf – Gaudí and Palau Güell

“Heaven & Earth” from Gaudí to Palau Güell – Gaudi Palau Guell Silk Scarf  The inspiration for this scarf design came to me after having made the first Gaudí-inspired mosaic print silk scarf, “Ceramic Burst”. I wanted to make a scarf trilogy devoted to Palau Güell and envisioned creating a design to contrast the blueish tones of the “Ceramic Burst” scarf, an image of faded colors and… Read more »

Silk scarf mosaic “trencadís” from Gaudí’s Palau Güell

Palau Güell’s “Burst”. The creative process behind our mosaic silk scarf design. It is not easy having Gaudí‘s works so close to look at him with enough perspective to establish a dialogue with his creative process. Someone as creative as him, had many hidden secrets that make his work very enigmatic. And this, calls your attention. For example, the relationship that he… Read more »

About us – Daba Disseny Barcelona we are Art on Silk

Daba Disseny Barcelona we are Art on Silk. We are experts in creating fascinating designs and exclusive beautiful prints. Giving life to a unique silk scarves and squares, born out of passion for painting watercolors and the art of playing on the skin with printed silks, from the architect Pau Batlle, our designer. We create masterpieces. From the inspiration to the… Read more »

Small silk scarves spring summer

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Small silk scarves squares for spring and summer, a perfect souvenir from Barcelona. Wear a piece of Art inspired by Gaudí – Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló.     Simple, transparent and attractive cubic boxes containing small silk scarves to wear around the neck, wrist or head. Each and every one of our silk scarves are inspired by the architectural heritage sites… Read more »

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift, a unique silk scarf

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As a Valentine’s Day gift, give a beautiful present to the one you love. She will appreciate it, feel attractive and radiant. Do not hesitate to offer a very carefully hand crafted product, you will not find anywhere else. Get it now! Offer her this unique Valentine’s Day gift. Surprise your partner with a delicate, sensual and daring detail. With high… Read more »

Design silk scarf an authentic & elegant Christmas gift!

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We invite you to give a pure silk scarf. An elegant Christmas gift! A quality, fashionable and handmade gift to the woman you love.     Christmas is almost here, precious moments of being with family and friends are approaching. The desire to offer a special and kind gift is present in these intimate moments. A gift from the heart,… Read more »

Fall winter silk scarves collection

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Our fall winter silk scarves designs are born out of the spontaneity of the watercolour painting strokes. From the direct and free strokes emerged on a summer afternoon in a relaxed weekend without any daily occupations, where I released free the hand and feelings. In those, almost, meditative moments, where there is no mind,  the landscape surrounding me takes me away…. Read more »